“Share my vision of the world through a detached
and neutral glance to try to approach the deep
sense of nature and human being”



Passionate with photography and graphic art since the age of 12, I had the opportunity to begin learning about photography with my French teacher who created the latter as a school activity. Since this period where only black and white photography was accessible to beginner amateurs, my interest in photography and its evolution has never ceased to exist.

At the age of 18, I hesitated for a long time between chemistry, geology and the Lausanne School of Professional Photography.

Thus, from the age of 18 and on, I studied the work of Jean Giono. I meet Jean Giono himself one time, which left me a memorable reminiscence. Since this period, I therefore decided to take pictures of Provence, with the aim of not only capturing the beauty of its sites, but also what Jean Giono saw during his long walks in the countryside at notably the harsh weather of Provence at that period of time (1900-1970). This means a dry, arid Provence, with men possessing hard characteristics, but also a Provence with the bluest of skies, a fierce and passionate blue mixed with the scent of lavender and the exceptional luminosity and clarity which have attracted many famous painters.

Since then, I have been developing my professional photography in travelling to many countries and study, show the cultural differences between human, landscapes and techniques.



1978 Jean Giono Association
1997 Realisation of a photographic book of Jean Giono’s Provence
Introduction by Renée FREGNI-  'Empreintes' –  60pages -
1998 Black and white photos of the sculptures for M. Michel de Tarnowsky (sculptor).
2004 Exhibition of Provence Photographies in Guangzhou (RP CHINA)
Opening ceremony with Guangdong television
2004 Exhibition of Chinese and Provence Photographies in Guangzhou (RP China) Title: Provence & Guangzhou in the Eyes of a Frenchman. Opening reception with the French Consulate.
2004 Exhibition of Provence Photographies in Shenzhen (RP CHINA) with the RAINBOW company.
Opening reception with the French consulate in the French week project.
2004 Architectural Photographies (NEW WORLD Hong Kong)
2004 World Trade Center Guangzhou: China
2004 DVD entitled ‘Quand on a tout oublie’ picturing of 3 countries (China, France and Russia)
2004  Member of the Chinese Association of Photographers
2005 DVD for M. Michel De TARNOWSKY
2005 DVD for ‘COMPANIE DES OLIVIERS’ Art Theatre
2006 Reportage on the “SACRAL ART IN GUILLAUMES”. DVD and photo exhibition in April
2007 Interview China Airline Magazine
2008 Interview FUJI France
2008 LOLLA MARMELADE Marseille (Fashion)
2009 Photobook "Ballenberg, mémoire de la Suisse profonde"
2009 Photobooks « Thai latex in Krabi » « Thai coco sugar »
2009 Exhibition in Marseille: “Balais”
2009 LOLLA MARMELADE Marseille (Fashion)
2009 Exhibition and photobook « CENTRE CHOREGRAPHIQUE DE HAUTE PROVENCE »
2010 Photobook “FLORISSIMA”
2010 Jazz Band ALBENSON
2010 LOLLA MARMELADE Marseille (Fashion)
2011 Exhibition Marseille PULLMAN « Asie Terre d’Enfance »
2011 Exhibition Forcalquier St Lazare « Asie Terre d’Enfance »
2011 Exhibition Marseille LOLA MARMELADE « Asie Terre d’Enfance »
2013 Photobook « Les cahiers de la photographie n°1 ». 250 p
2013 DVD « Thaïlande le rêve éveillé »




CHINA AIRLINE (China) – 2006

FUJIFILM magazine – 2008